Erlang at a glance, IO library

For the past few weeks, I've been writing a bit of code in Erlang. For those who have no idea what Erlang is, it is a declarative functional programming language developed by Ericsson in 1986(it’s that old.) Erlang is a dynamically typed language that's awesome at concurrency, fault tolerance, scalability and that explains its frequent use in the telecom and networking sector.

A few things about Erlang;

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Migration from Publify to Jekyll!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and so today I decided to migrate from my Publify version that i forked from the original creators ( Well i loved publify with it’s fancy backend, and non-existent support :), but with time opted for a more trendy blogging system.

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RequireJS a must for every web developer

Loading scripts in web development has always been one of a web developers biggest problems. Imagine a modern web application, where modern web application, Backbone handles our models, collections and views, jQuery handles our DOM interactions, we’ll need something to glue all these dependencies together at an architectural level, Requirejs does this.

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Build a simple mp3 player in C#

Personally I prefer SharpDevelop over Visual Studio, find them at or (we love Open source: 0). Truth be told, it’s a matter of preference here, go with whatever IDE you find comfortable. Click File, new Project, then Windows application. In SharpDevelop, this screen wit show up.

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Installing Native Ruby Gems in Windows

This is one of the biggest issues I’ve faced while working on a Ruby project in Windows. Native gems might depend on other libraries which are hard, or sometimes, impossible to build on Windows. In order to install C/C++ Ruby extensions on each system you must have build tools and all dependencies installed. The fact is that most of such gems are developed primarily on Linux where developers, naturally, rely on existing libraries. On the other hand lot of these libraries are portable and can be used on Windows, but number of them are shipped in a binary format because building them on Windows is quite complicated. The main reason I wrote this article is because I had issues installing the Nokogiri gem in Ruby while running on Windows.

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The need for version control

Version control, also called Revision control and Source control is a tool that I would say is absolutely required. Version control systems are essential for any kind of distributed, collaborative development or individual projects. Have you ever?

  • Made a change to code, realized it was a mistake and wanted to revert back?
  • Lost code? Or had a backup that was too old?
  • Had to maintain numerous versions of code?
  • Wanted to see the difference between different versions of your code?
  • Wanted to prove that a particular change broke or fixed your code?
  • Wanted to submit a change to someone else’s code?
  • Wanted to share your code, or let other people work on your code?
  • Wanted to experiment with new features without messing up your original code?
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